magic show at Thorpe Park

Enjoy the Carnival Experience at Thorpe Park this summer.

I spent last weekend at Thorpe Park but not as a visitor to the fabulous rides, as an entertainer for part of the Carnival Experience.

The Carnival Experience is running throughout the summer and is in it’s second year, back by popular demand. You can go to the designated areas and experience fun circus style entertainment featuring high-energy Free Runners, mind-bending Contortionists, nail-biting Hoop Divers, magnificent Aerial Artists and of course some amazing magic on stage or in one of the tents if it decides to rain on the day – these acts are sure to blow your mind.

I will be performing again in August for a few dates but the full line up is there every day all through the Sumer period. It is a really fun addition to the park and I just know you will have the most amazing time. If you come on a date I’m performing, please come and say hello.

fun magic show

You can find full details here:

[Bespoke Magic] Really makes a difference!

Karen was celebrating a very special birthday…

Making every booking special, like it’s my only one for the year. I realise how special every event is and always make sure I not only perform some amazing magic which people will remember for a very long time, but I also make sure, you the booker, or the birthday/celebratory is made to feel extra special too.

Because I am an inventor of magic (really i’m a real wizard) I can bespoke my magic to not only your event, but also to that special someone.

Karen had seen me before and I already knew she loved my magic, performing something very unique clearly made a difference from the feedback she kindly left me on google.

5 star google review

making Karens name magical

magical birthday party

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[A Wedding To Remember] helpful magazine inside!

Lucy and Billy’s Wedding Really was spectacular…

It’s no surprise to me that this particular wedding has been featured in the latest issue of ‘YOUR HERTS & BEDS WEDDING MAGAZINE’. It’s a really great magazine fun of ideas and inspiration which can help you no matter what stage of planning your day you are at.

your herts & beds magazine

Here is the copy, just click below:

5 star wedding magic review

happy wedding couple

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[Wedding Magic All Day Package] including announcements

Every wedding I perform at feels like it’s been the best ever…

In golf they say ‘the most important shot is the next one’, I do understand that…it’s the same with performing. I concentrate all my efforts on every performance and make sure it is the best it could possibly be. I think that’s why every booking feels like the best ever.

With that said I want to share with you a video I recently made of a wedding at Offley Place in Hitchin.

I was hired for Drinks Reception, Wedding Breakfast table magic and as an extra, I made the announcements.  This video really shows the energy and excitement I create at any wedding. Please take a look and message me your thoughts.


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[Entertaining Children at your Wedding] Having fun with magic

I know exactly what children and their parents enjoy.

I will admit right now I am not a ‘Childrens Entertainer’….I can entertain children for sure and I love it…read on for more…, but I do not put on shows solely for children at childrens parties, that takes a very specific style and repertoire.

I can ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEE though, that if children are at a wedding I have been booked to entertain all for, they will not only have an amazing time with me, but will learn a magic trick to show the adults.

I love children, I have two of my own who may be a little older now, but haven’t forgotten the wonder of magic.

A wedding is a long day for anyone, especially the young. Breaking up the day with activities really helps and my fun magic style is always a great hit. If you book me for any package, I offer a little extra for the children. Let me know how many children are likely to attend and I make sure each gets to keep a special magic wand.

I tailor my magic for the age of my audience

It’s important as an entertainer to understand my audience, children react very well to visual magic, simple to follow that is colourful and fun. I will not perform card tricks for them, that’s boring ‘to children’.

When given the magic wand, I encourage them to use it during my performance, involving them in my magic they feel part of the action. I will of course include parents and build the trusting relationship needed so the children feel comfortable and relaxed, able to let go and enjoy it fully. I am very aware and if a child is slightly shy will pay attention to them in an understanding way, often a shy child after a few minutes with me will become and enjoy being the centre of attention. I then teach each child a little trick using their magic wand, which I then encourage them to go and show the adults. This is a really fun way to not only involve them but also makes them feel even more special.

The important thing to remember is everyone at your wedding is important…you know that I know, but it’s vital anyone supplying a service to you for your wedding understands that too…and I do.

I am at your wedding to help make the day MEMORABLE FOR ALL…you can be assured I will do exactly that.


[Entertain the Whole Wedding Party] A great idea which gets everyone laughing

I can’t believe I get to have this much fun at Weddings!!!

If you have been to a few weddings yourself, you have probably ‘sat through’ the standard Wedding Breakfast – the meal after the Drinks Reception. I say ‘sat through’ because if it is not thought about properly, this period can be quite mundane. The Drinks Reception was ok, group photos, canapé, drinks, chatting among family and friends. Now comes the Wedding Breakfast where a three course meal is served and the speeches come at the end of this period before evening guests arrive and the party starts.

If nothing else is going on, certainly if nothing much happened during the drinks also, this can be quite a long time for small talk and you will notice the energy levels flagging slightly……and this is where I come in.

groom attention



My Wedding Breakfast Package can include CABARET PERFORMANCE to the WHOLE ROOM.

Over the years I have gained vast experience in stage and cabaret magic, performing for intimate events with smaller numbers up to large corporate events with 1,000+ guests. Running my own monthly show along with my good friend Sylar, performing at guests spots in London and offering cabaret for smaller parties I have realised this style of magic is perfect for the Wedding Breakfast.

My style and the type of magic I perform really gets the crowd going, everyone is energised….think about that, EVERYONE IS ENERGISED!
Why is that important, simple, THE SPEECHES. The last thing you want when you are either listening or giving a speech, is a room full of lethargy, it will reflect throughout and not make a memorable time for anyone.

When I perform, you can feel the level rise, the laughter, the gasps of amazement, the head scratching, it’s all there and of course the applause. By the time the speeches happen, once I have performed, everyone has been applauding and ready to repeat this throughout, I can create an amazing atmosphere.

Whether you want to include yourselves, father of the bride, ‘stitch-up the best man’ for maximum laughter and effect, I have something to offer every scenario. Message me below to find out more.

top table laughter

wedding party laughter

audience laughter








All amazing photography from Katy and AJ’s Wedding, Drinks Reception and Wedding Breakfast Package,
supplied by Selen Photography –, website


[Flower Arranging Magic] New Masterclass!

I’m so happy to announce this!

I will be teaming up with Loveflowers UK on September 11th to bring you an unique experience of Masterclasses. Learn about flower arranging & cocktail making, enjoy me performing magic and there will even be a DJ through the event.

Set in the Loveflowers UK warehouse grounds, with full social distancing.

Tickets are limited to 60 people and you can find more details here:

Can’t wait to see you there!

You can read more from Loveflowers UK here –



[Budgets and Wedding Secrets] Find out how to save more than just a few £’s.

We are close to budget, a magician will just cost too much, right?
Wrong. Read on and i’ll explain why it’s the least cost you’ll notice.

Do you need to budget for entertainment?
It’s an expense, you need to budget but is it expensive?
I’m going to talk to you very briefly about the budget and what to expect.

I say briefly because seriously there is not that much to consider.
The average wedding in the UK will cost you £20,000, and that’s the average, a budget wedding will still be around £12,000.

I understand that every factor you consider costs you money but consider this one carefully, the decision to NOT have a magician will cost you far more. Your guests need to be kept entertained throughout key parts of the day, there is a lot going on during some times and at other times…not much. It’s those times of ‘not much’ to really make sure you have thought thoroughly about your guests otherwise they will feel left out, bored and often drained during the long day. If you’ve ever been stood around checking a watch at a friend’s wedding you’ll know exactly how you DON’T want your guests feeling.


wedding entertainer excitement


Back to budget, remember that average of £20,000, well imagine you hit your budget and forgot about entertainment.

Do you –

a: Stick to budget and leave out the entertainment.
Guests are bored and potentially a wedding disaster for everyone to talk about for years to come.

b: Find an extra £550, so £20,550 to hire a quality magician ‘holla’
Guests are thoroughly entertained and makes the wedding a huge smash for everyone to talk about for years to come.

I’m guessing you answered b? Good!
So you realise you need entertainment, it’s not an extra, it’s an essential.
In the grand scheme of planning, that ‘extra’ really isn’t much is it.

With no disrespect to other wedding suppliers, my service is one the guests will remember and talk about. That feeling I evoke when i’m with them creates unforgettable and lasting memories. Items like chair covers, table pieces, post boxes and all wonderful touches and i’m sure you already budgeted for those and thought about them but, tell me, what chair covers did they use at the last wedding you attended…you can’t remember even the colour can you?

If you do need to budget for that £550 I talked about, look at other things you are having and wonder if leaving them out really will make such difference?



Unique Branded Magic For Your Corporate Event!


I create unique magic products which I sell online to other magicians and also lecture to magic clubs all over the UK. I have featured in numerous magic magazines and am respected creator among magicians worldwide.


Because of the above, I am able to create unique magic for anyone and I offer that as part of my service to you.

If you have a company event coming up, get in touch below to find out how I can create something totally bespoke.

The impact of having something totally bespoke is huge. Imagine your clients and staff are at your event, being entertained by my magic, that’s wonderful in it’s own right, but to then add in the fact that the magic I am showing them is branded fully and totally unique to you….THAT has a huge impact.
I can even allow the spectator to keep a souvenir and that will go a long way to everyone not only having a great time, but also remembering the event and then showing others long after.

Here is some feedback from a recent corporate party for Linwood Fabrics 25th Anniversary:

“Hi Steve,
I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your efforts on Saturday, you manged to survive the afternoon in your three piece suit beside the blistering heat!
I have heard nothing but wonderful things from all the guests who witnessed your magic on Saturday so I just wanted to take a moment to thank you. The research you must have carried out regarding the Linwood Fabrics and Wallpapers prior to the event in order to build them into your magic was such a personal touch and the Directors especially were overwhelmed by your efforts.
The event has sparked a change in how we conduct future staff events so when I come to planning the next event I will most definitely be in touch and recommend you to anyone looking for a trickster!
Thank you again.
Regards, Amy”





Make every guest feel loved…

Make Every Guest Feel Loved By Simply Letting Them Know Where to Sit.
In my time as a magician I’ve had the pleasure of attending 100’s of weddings and I’m genuinely humbled to be a part of every single one – during this time I’ve picked up so many hints and tips which I really feel like would be of benefit for planning couples to read about (also I’ve seen some things to tell you to avoid!)

One thing I have noticed is the joy people have as they arrive at their table and see their place setting. I know you’re thinking this is obvious, great minds think alike…but really, I’ve been to weddings and this little personal touch has been forgotten or not even thought about.

As the guests get to the table, they frantically search for their name to find it not there, they scramble and sit where they like, it’s a mess.

The general table setting is shown on a board at the room entrance, two contrasting ideas but equally lovely here:


With the overall table plans it’s important to:

• Make it easy to read and understand.
• Use large type so people don’t have to stand too close.
• Use an easy to read font.
• Separate the tables clearly and make the layout match the actual room layout.
• Make sure the placement of the plan has plenty of room and space.(There is nothing worse than loads of guests huddled around the board trying to find their name and clogging up the entrance to the room.)

Making it easy to read, the flow from Reception to Wedding Breakfast will work so much better.


Just think – any way to show a guest where ‘exactly’ they are sitting not only helps the flow of the day but also lets them know you care.

You do care don’t you? So do I, lets talk.