Corporate Party Entertainment | Steve Rowe

Can you afford to not hire Steve Rowe?

Reward Your Staff With Jaw-Dropping Magic and an Unforgettable Experience!

Thinking of something different to reward your hard working Staff can be a task…entertainment is the perfect choice and you have now discovered Steve Rowe!
Your team will be able to totally relax in Steve’s company as he meanders around the room performing his jaw dropping magic with his infamous comedic twist – The Lovable Trickster creates Unforgattable Moments of Magic everyone will love.

professionalism - relax whilst you plan

You want your Christmas Party Entertainment to go smoothly, be amazing AND memorable.

Steve Rowes booking process is so easy it will leave you time for other planning and even relax! When he turns up and starts to mingle the atmosphere changes instantly and people start to talk not only about how amazing the magic is, but what a great event they are at!

Steves efforts on the night will be reflective of yours in the planning – ensuring it really is something everyone wished they organised themselves. You will be congratulated on arranging such a successful Christmas Party.

breaking the ice - creating an amazing atmosphere

It really does sound like a cliché sometimes but Steve really is the perfect ice breaker.

Every Christmas Party will have a number of people that do not know each other or perhaps anyone else. You want every guest to have the best time and Steve ensures they will.

His natural persona makes him the Perfect Christmas Party Entertainment with an introduction that is engaging and non-invasive meaning your guests relax the moment he walks up to any group, large or small. Within just minutes together with Steve, groups of people are united in the wonder, laughter and creating unforgettable memories which will be shared and talked about long after.

Versatile performer - suitable for every event

Steve can perform close-up mix and mingle, table performances, parlour shows, mini cabaret and stage. Performing regularly at events all across the country means Steve has gained vast experience in all aspects of magic and performing. If the crowd is 10 people at home or 500 people at a gala event, Steve will ensure maximum delivery.




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