Not only will I leave your guests speechless with incredible magic, my booking process is so simple, it will free up time for you to relax during the build up to the event.

Need reassurance? Check out my feedback from happy clients. I am also a Member of THE MAGIC CIRCLE and FULLY INSURED with Equity.



  • Taryn Howard AvatarTaryn Howard

    Steve was amazing at our Christmas work dinner in December 2019. Everyone commented on how wonderful his tricks were and... read more - 1/08/2020 

    Zoe Howard AvatarZoe Howard

    Steve made such a wonderful contribution to the work Christmas lunch I organised in December 2019. I have heard nothing... read more - 1/06/2020 

    Anna Garcia AvatarAnna Garcia

    It was fantastic to have Steve be part of our wedding day. He entertained the children and adults throughout the... read more - 11/08/2019 

    Anna MacLeod AvatarAnna MacLeod

    Thank you Steve for entertaining our guests at my fathers 80th birthday lunch - we are in awe of your... read more - 7/20/2019 

  • Russell Leetch AvatarRussell Leetch

    It was great to have Steve at our wedding. He entertained kids and adults throughout the canopies leaving people with... read more - 7/05/2019 

    Amy Louise Moore Mua AvatarAmy Louise Moore Mua

    “We held a 25th Anniversary Celebration for our company on Saturday 29th June 2019 and we wanted to take the... read more - 7/04/2019 

    Julia Mead AvatarJulia Mead

    Steve’s magic is truly bewildering! Fun, impressive and entertaining. Me and my friends will definitely be back to see him... read more - 6/20/2019 

    Russell Leetch AvatarRussell Leetch

    It was great to have Steve at our wedding. He entertained kids and adults throughout the canopies leaving people with... read more - 6/14/2019 

  • Rachael Gauntlett AvatarRachael Gauntlett

    Steve is such a great Magician and a really lovely guy.. he made my Mum and Dads Anniversary party a... read more - 4/11/2019 

    Rob Harper AvatarRob Harper

    Steve Rowe is not only one of if not THE nicest guy in magic he is also a fantastic entertainer.
    read more - 4/09/2019 

    Sune Alexandersen Narud AvatarSune Alexandersen Narud

    Steve is a fantastic creative and unique entertainer! Highly recommended! - 4/09/2019 

    Sarah Woodruff AvatarSarah Woodruff

    Went to watch Steve with Skylar at The Kings Arms. What a fun night. Truly entertaining and amazing all rolled... read more - 1/22/2019 

  • Mr J Putman AvatarMr J Putman

    Steve went above and beyond for our wedding. He amazed our guests with his unique magic and engaged so many... read more - 1/22/2019 

    Mr J Putman AvatarMr J Putman

    Steve went above and beyond for our wedding. He amazed our guests with his unique magic and engaged so many... read more - 1/22/2019 

    Paul Travers AvatarPaul Travers

    Steve isn’t just a magician, he’s an entertainer. There’s plenty of people out there doing magic, but Steve has a... read more - 1/22/2019 

    Lynsey Fox AvatarLynsey Fox

    Steve performed magic at our wedding in June, lovely chap, awesome magic that everyone was super impressed and amazed by!... read more - 1/22/2019 

  • Jessica Munday AvatarJessica Munday

    Steve came to our office Christmas party a few weeks ago, he was absolutely fantastic and really made the party.... read more - 12/21/2018 

    Bethany Gevell AvatarBethany Gevell

    Hard to know where to start! Steve was just incredible, he was so professional and had an amazing way... read more - 12/14/2018 

    Su Oakley AvatarSu Oakley

    Let me say this man was unbelievable. Magic really exists he was absolutely amazing!!! - 11/28/2018 

    Louise Mack AvatarLouise Mack

    Went to see Steve last night, yes I was the one who wanted to be on stage 🤭 incredible and... read more - 10/19/2018 

  • Jacqueline Dennaford AvatarJacqueline Dennaford

    Steve came to our charity fundraiser and what a gentleman he is. Such fun and magic was great. - 10/12/2018 

    Hannah Stear AvatarHannah Stear

    Steve attended our wedding on 26th August 2018 and words can not explain how amazing he was. He kept everyone... read more - 10/01/2018 

    Rebecca Lathwell AvatarRebecca Lathwell

    Tonight’s show was amazing and mind blowing 3 great magicians � Steve, Dylan and mike such a great evening we... read more - 9/19/2018 

    Claire Pika Sankey AvatarClaire Pika Sankey

    Steve, thank you so much for being a huge part of our Forever Family Festival! Your magic was an absolute... read more - 9/11/2018 

  • Kelly Louise Collins AvatarKelly Louise Collins

    amazing definitely recommend this man rules thank you so much for entertaining our guests at our wedding yesterday xxx - 8/16/2018 

    Jane Osborn AvatarJane Osborn

    Thanks so much Steve for entertaining our 80 guests at our wedding at letchworth Hall Hotel.

    Steve was great and entertained...
    read more - 7/23/2018 

    Kate Quaintance-Blackford AvatarKate Quaintance-Blackford

    Steve, you are absolutely brilliant! Our guests and I thought you were amazing, thank you so much for making our... read more - 7/10/2018 

    Andria Cauvin AvatarAndria Cauvin

    I booked Steve for a year 6 leavers do and was not disappointed.Very professional throughout the whole booking process and... read more - 7/09/2018 

  • Helen Whitten AvatarHelen Whitten

    Steve came along to my partner David's 75th birthday party. He is a delight - really lovely guy to... read more - 6/04/2018 

    Angela Edwards AvatarAngela Edwards

    Steve Rowe was awesome at my sons wedding. Amazing Magic which entertained our guests during that period when family photos... read more - 5/30/2018 

    Sarah Sen AvatarSarah Sen

    Steve was simply AWESOME! He came to entertain guests at my husband's 40th birthday party. From the off, he was... read more - 3/06/2018 

    Keerti Dallas AvatarKeerti Dallas

    We had booked Steve for my husbands 40th Party and I have to say Steve was not only a fantastic... read more - 1/22/2018 

  • Rubens Filho AvatarRubens Filho

    Steve is a true legend. Creative, experienced, professional. Highly recommended. - 1/03/2018 

    David Green AvatarDavid Green

    Steve preformed at my wedding anniversary all of our guests had a great time and were entertained. Was disappointed he... read more - 1/03/2018 

    Matthew Garrett AvatarMatthew Garrett

    I've watched Steve perform many times. He never fails to deliver, and entertains guests of all ages so well. Original,... read more - 1/03/2018 

    Tahnee JC Fournier AvatarTahnee JC Fournier

    Steve worked a charity event we hosted. He was excellent and did an amazing job with the children that came... read more - 12/15/2017 

  • Rhys Merritt AvatarRhys Merritt

    Steve is incredibly personable and performs a variety of magic tricks and illusions that will leave your guests highly entertained!... read more - 9/10/2017 

    Simon Stretch AvatarSimon Stretch

    Saw Steve again today at Waterlane Bishop's Stortford. He is MAGICAL! The best around, well done Steve! - 9/10/2017 

    Louise Jane AvatarLouise Jane

    We booked Steve for our Son's wedding (August 2017). Aaron and Saher were so happy we did, all the guests... read more - 8/30/2017 

    Kate Kellett AvatarKate Kellett

    Steve was recommended to us and was just what we'd hoped for. It's hard to spend enough time with all... read more - 7/16/2017 

  • Sarah Starkey AvatarSarah Starkey

    Fabulous! Steve is an amazing magician. Book him! I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him to anyone wanting a... read more - 6/05/2017 

    Nicki Beavan AvatarNicki Beavan

    Steve is a brilliant and creative magician, he displayed this at our Casino ball, circulating among the guests, his warm... read more - 6/05/2017 

    Kathy Chan AvatarKathy Chan

    Steve is pure magic! He is lovely and funny and so personable. He was brilliant at mingling with all my... read more - 11/16/2016 

    Kiegan Vallely AvatarKiegan Vallely

    Class magician, very creative and also a real gentlemen. - 10/31/2016 

  • Jack Bryce AvatarJack Bryce

    Brilliant Magician and lovely guy! Highly recommended! - 10/31/2016 

    Jonathan Wooten AvatarJonathan Wooten

    Amazing magic, one of the best performers! 10 out of 5 stars! - 10/31/2016 

    Terry Rea AvatarTerry Rea

    A close up magician with so much more to offer. Real magic. - 10/30/2016 

    Nick Marshall AvatarNick Marshall

    To be fair one of my favourite magicians! And genuinely a top bloke! - 10/30/2016 

  • George Speirs AvatarGeorge Speirs

    Without a doubt one of the most talented and creative magicians I know. I have the privilege of owning and... read more - 10/30/2016 

    Brandon Barrett AvatarBrandon Barrett

    Absolutely the best magician I've ever seen. The magic he did blew me away and he is one of the... read more - 10/30/2016 

    Jason Deverell AvatarJason Deverell

    Personable, entertaining, fun and astounding. A top man and a great magician. - 10/30/2016 

    Daniel Bryan AvatarDaniel Bryan

    The willy wonker of modern Magic !! Superb !! - 10/30/2016 

  • Ian Black AvatarIan Black

    Brilliantly creative magician and all-round nice guy. - 10/30/2016 

    Ken Francis AvatarKen Francis

    Brilliant very professional my guests loved him . - 10/30/2016 

    Keith Pain AvatarKeith Pain

    Brilliant magician love all his tricks with sweets - 10/30/2016 

    Lee Wells AvatarLee Wells

    One of the best and most creative minds in magic. Exceptional - 10/30/2016 

  • Justin Saul AvatarJustin Saul

    Steve is an amazing magician. His magic is some of the best that me and my friends have ever experienced.... read more - 10/30/2016 

    Edmund Thaddeus AvatarEdmund Thaddeus

    one of the most creative magicians out there a true showman and a lovely guy to boot. - 10/30/2016 

    Geraint Clarke AvatarGeraint Clarke

    Incredible performer. You have to see this guy live. - 10/30/2016 

    Katy Tarplett AvatarKaty Tarplett

    We had Steve's help celebrating my 30th last weekend - wow! Thank you so much, just brilliant. Wish I had... read more - 8/12/2016 

  • Megan Gotobed AvatarMegan Gotobed

    Steve performed his magic at my wedding on 16.07.16 & he was absolutely AMAZING!!! Us & our guests loved him,... read more - 7/20/2016 

    Melanie Barton AvatarMelanie Barton

    Fantastic magic at our wedding reception at Shendish Manor on Saturday (19th Sept). Our guests were very impressed and... read more - 9/23/2015 

    Alan Hinton AvatarAlan Hinton

    Hi Steve, you did a fantastic job of entertaining the guests at my brothers wedding. You had some wicked tricks... read more - 6/14/2015