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The 3 ways to ensure your photos are incredible!

Your photos are the key to looking back on what was the absolute best day of your lives. Here are 3 simple things to do to ensure they are absolutely incredible beyond anything you could imagine.

1: Brief the photographer on what you want
Ok, slightly misleading, don’t actually tell the photographer how to do their job but make sure the photographer you choose is the right one for you.
Research lots of photographers both online and at wedding fairs. You may be looking for a classic theme, you may want something artistic, there are many styles out there – just make sure you choose one you love and leave them to work their own magic (pardon the pun)
The worst thing you can do is choose any old photographer and try to steer them down a path they have never trodden, that will just stress you and them out massively and it will show in the end results.
So, Choose the right photographer for you.

2: Make sure the setting is right
Again as above but think about where you are getting married, there is no point in wanting a lake view backdrop and choosing a venue without a lake.

3: Keep your guests entertained
I could of course wax lyrical about why and indeed I do in other blog posts throughout my site. Fundamentally – people smiling, laughing and generally happy makes good photos, with great entertainment at your wedding, the photographer will not have a hard job of capturing incredible moment like this.

Steve Rowe performs magic tricks for excited party guests captured this moment beautifully when excited wedding guests were laughing at Steve Rowe performing magic tricks.

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