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An amazing pleasure….

I could start every post about a recent gig with this title really. For now, I wanted to let you all know about a recent booking which was slightly different. The magic community is built up of around 1,500 Magic Circle members all over the U.K, along with many...

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This is Sam

06 Nov, 2016

Sam became the highlight of my Saturday afternoon. I was booked to perform for Eddies 80th birthday at the fabulous Laura Ashley the Manor in Elstree. If you have never been to this venue, I would urge you to take a visit either for a drink, afternoon tea (which...

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So this is about Fifi and others like her. Fifi was special in a number of ways. Being a busy working magician I get to know an audience and I am able to read their characters quite well on approach. Being able to do that is important as an...

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Something for us all to aim for.

anniverssary magic
04 Oct, 2016

So if you read the recent post about helping someone to propose with magic, (if you didn’t, please do, its a great story), then here is in fact the complete opposite end of the spectrum. The enquiry for my services came after Pat and Paul had attended a wedding...

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Magic surprises that change lives

29 Sep, 2016

The weekend of 17th September 2016 was a particularly exciting one for me. I was asked to perform at a 30th birthday party, organised a few months in advance by Emma, for her own birthday. During the initial email, the performance period was decided,  in this case 1 hour...

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