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Wedding memories

Under the hustle and bustle of a busy wedding my magic flows from group to group, table to table and the time (an average of 2 hours) just flies by. It is always nice to reflect back on memories of the day on my drive home and i’m always smiling about various conversations, moments and reactions I get.

Without the help of good photographers and videographers, those memories are just that. Not something I can share visually, through text and blogs like this of course, but for you to be able to visualize those moments through a photo or video is really something special for yourselves and I.

I was delighted when yesterday, after a recent wedding I was sent this wonderful clip, which I really feel captures some nice moments. Albeit brief, it does give a flavor of what I do – you’ll have to forgive my appearance, this was one of the hottest days in the 2016 calendar.

The venue was Hertford Castle and the video shot and supplied kindly by Robert from CCS Video

I hope you enjoy it.