Make every guest feel loved…

Wedding Table Place Cards

Make Every Guest Feel Loved By Simply Letting Them Know Where to Sit.
In my time as a magician I’ve had the pleasure of attending 100’s of weddings and I’m genuinely humbled to be a part of every single one – during this time I’ve picked up so many hints and tips which I really feel like would be of benefit for planning couples to read about (also I’ve seen some things to tell you to avoid!)

One thing I have noticed is the joy people have as they arrive at their table and see their place setting. I know you’re thinking this is obvious, great minds think alike…but really, I’ve been to weddings and this little personal touch has been forgotten or not even thought about.

As the guests get to the table, they frantically search for their name to find it not there, they scramble and sit where they like, it’s a mess.

The general table setting is shown on a board at the room entrance, two contrasting ideas but equally lovely here:


With the overall table plans it’s important to:

• Make it easy to read and understand.
• Use large type so people don’t have to stand too close.
• Use an easy to read font.
• Separate the tables clearly and make the layout match the actual room layout.
• Make sure the placement of the plan has plenty of room and space.(There is nothing worse than loads of guests huddled around the board trying to find their name and clogging up the entrance to the room.)

Making it easy to read, the flow from Reception to Wedding Breakfast will work so much better.


Just think – any way to show a guest where ‘exactly’ they are sitting not only helps the flow of the day but also lets them know you care.

You do care don’t you? So do I, lets talk.



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