[Entertaining Children at your Wedding] Having fun with magic

I know exactly what children and their parents enjoy.

I will admit right now I am not a ‘Childrens Entertainer’….I can entertain children for sure and I love it…read on for more…, but I do not put on shows solely for children at childrens parties, that takes a very specific style and repertoire.

I can ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEE though, that if children are at a wedding I have been booked to entertain all for, they will not only have an amazing time with me, but will learn a magic trick to show the adults.

I love children, I have two of my own who may be a little older now, but haven’t forgotten the wonder of magic.

A wedding is a long day for anyone, especially the young. Breaking up the day with activities really helps and my fun magic style is always a great hit. If you book me for any package, I offer a little extra for the children. Let me know how many children are likely to attend and I make sure each gets to keep a special magic wand.

I tailor my magic for the age of my audience

It’s important as an entertainer to understand my audience, children react very well to visual magic, simple to follow that is colourful and fun. I will not perform card tricks for them, that’s boring ‘to children’.

When given the magic wand, I encourage them to use it during my performance, involving them in my magic they feel part of the action. I will of course include parents and build the trusting relationship needed so the children feel comfortable and relaxed, able to let go and enjoy it fully. I am very aware and if a child is slightly shy will pay attention to them in an understanding way, often a shy child after a few minutes with me will become and enjoy being the centre of attention. I then teach each child a little trick using their magic wand, which I then encourage them to go and show the adults. This is a really fun way to not only involve them but also makes them feel even more special.

The important thing to remember is everyone at your wedding is important…you know that I know, but it’s vital anyone supplying a service to you for your wedding understands that too…and I do.

I am at your wedding to help make the day MEMORABLE FOR ALL…you can be assured I will do exactly that.


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