[Entertain the Whole Wedding Party] A great idea which gets everyone laughing

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I can’t believe I get to have this much fun at Weddings!!!

If you have been to a few weddings yourself, you have probably ‘sat through’ the standard Wedding Breakfast – the meal after the Drinks Reception. I say ‘sat through’ because if it is not thought about properly, this period can be quite mundane. The Drinks Reception was ok, group photos, canapé, drinks, chatting among family and friends. Now comes the Wedding Breakfast where a three course meal is served and the speeches come at the end of this period before evening guests arrive and the party starts.

If nothing else is going on, certainly if nothing much happened during the drinks also, this can be quite a long time for small talk and you will notice the energy levels flagging slightly……and this is where I come in.

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My Wedding Breakfast Package can include CABARET PERFORMANCE to the WHOLE ROOM.

Over the years I have gained vast experience in stage and cabaret magic, performing for intimate events with smaller numbers up to large corporate events with 1,000+ guests. Running my own monthly show along with my good friend Sylar, performing at guests spots in London and offering cabaret for smaller parties I have realised this style of magic is perfect for the Wedding Breakfast.

My style and the type of magic I perform really gets the crowd going, everyone is energised….think about that, EVERYONE IS ENERGISED!
Why is that important, simple, THE SPEECHES. The last thing you want when you are either listening or giving a speech, is a room full of lethargy, it will reflect throughout and not make a memorable time for anyone.

When I perform, you can feel the level rise, the laughter, the gasps of amazement, the head scratching, it’s all there and of course the applause. By the time the speeches happen, once I have performed, everyone has been applauding and ready to repeat this throughout, I can create an amazing atmosphere.

Whether you want to include yourselves, father of the bride, ‘stitch-up the best man’ for maximum laughter and effect, I have something to offer every scenario. Message me below to find out more.

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All amazing photography from Katy and AJ’s Wedding, Drinks Reception and Wedding Breakfast Package,
supplied by Selen Photography – instagram@Selen.photo, website www.selenphotography.com


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