[Budgets and Wedding Secrets] Find out how to save more than just a few £’s.

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We are close to budget, a magician will just cost too much, right?
Wrong. Read on and i’ll explain why it’s the least cost you’ll notice.

Do you need to budget for entertainment?
It’s an expense, you need to budget but is it expensive?
I’m going to talk to you very briefly about the budget and what to expect.

I say briefly because seriously there is not that much to consider.
The average wedding in the UK will cost you £20,000, and that’s the average, a budget wedding will still be around £12,000.

I understand that every factor you consider costs you money but consider this one carefully, the decision to NOT have a magician will cost you far more. Your guests need to be kept entertained throughout key parts of the day, there is a lot going on during some times and at other times…not much. It’s those times of ‘not much’ to really make sure you have thought thoroughly about your guests otherwise they will feel left out, bored and often drained during the long day. If you’ve ever been stood around checking a watch at a friend’s wedding you’ll know exactly how you DON’T want your guests feeling.


wedding entertainer excitement


Back to budget, remember that average of £20,000, well imagine you hit your budget and forgot about entertainment.

Do you –

a: Stick to budget and leave out the entertainment.
Guests are bored and potentially a wedding disaster for everyone to talk about for years to come.

b: Find an extra £550, so £20,550 to hire a quality magician ‘holla’
Guests are thoroughly entertained and makes the wedding a huge smash for everyone to talk about for years to come.

I’m guessing you answered b? Good!
So you realise you need entertainment, it’s not an extra, it’s an essential.
In the grand scheme of planning, that ‘extra’ really isn’t much is it.

With no disrespect to other wedding suppliers, my service is one the guests will remember and talk about. That feeling I evoke when i’m with them creates unforgettable and lasting memories. Items like chair covers, table pieces, post boxes and all wonderful touches and i’m sure you already budgeted for those and thought about them but, tell me, what chair covers did they use at the last wedding you attended…you can’t remember even the colour can you?

If you do need to budget for that £550 I talked about, look at other things you are having and wonder if leaving them out really will make such difference?



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