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Steve Rowe's Totally Wonder Filled, No-Hassle, Lifetime Guarantee

Steve Rowe’s magical entertainment comes with a 100% money-back guarantee…but we don’t stop there. We promise every guest that Steve performs to will thoroughly enjoy the magic and wonder he creates.

There’s a good reason he’s known as ‘The Lovable Trickster’, here’s a note from Steve himself.

“I take my profession very seriously, and you have my personal promise you will be so pleased you hired me to entertain your guests, that you are happy to share my details with others looking for the same.”- Steve Rowe

At any time, if you decide Steve Rowe hasn’t performed fun, energetic and mesmerising magic, leaving your guests wanting more, just call 07974 710738 and talk to Steve, he will give you a complete refund. You can also email or send your request by mail to: 2 Bell Green, Bovingdon, Herts, HP3 0LX.

If you aren’t satisfied, we would not feel right keeping your money, so we make it easy for you to get a refund. Just to be clear, there are no forms to fill out, simply contact us as above.

Just for the record, Steve has performed for 10’s of 1,000’s of people and has never had a single complaint or negative feedback. Steve is so confident in his services, he offers this money back hassle free and straight away.

You can ensure your guests will be thoroughly entertained by hiring Magician Steve Rowe. I’ve shown you how it worked for others, and it ail work for you too. You know that with Steve Rowe’s Totally Wonder Filled, no-hassle lifetime guarantee, you are 100% protected and safe.


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07974 710738

I always prefer to chat your ideas and plans through so please feel free to give me a call.