People often ask me…

People often ask me if they can come and see me perform anywhere before booking me.

When looking online there are many magicians out there, all different styles, different types of magic, different experience and it can be a daunting task finding the right one for you and your special event. If you like what you see on my site, you have read the feedback and looked through my videos and content and are still unsure if I will be right for you, then I would definitely encourage you to come and see me perform.
I have no doubt, once you see me and experience up close what I can do, you will want me at your event.

So…….the answer is YES!

I have been performing at Water Lane Bar and Restaurant for a couple of years now and I absolutely love it there. I can be found there 3 Sunday’s of the month and my friend Matthew Garret is there the 1st Sunday of each month.

Waterlane is an amazing place, the food is outstanding, the staff friendly and professional and the setting is just right. It gets busy on Sunday’s with all sorts of groups, large and small and is also popular with families, the children love the magic as much as the adults – we get a lot of returning visitors.

So from 1pm-3pm I perform to diners whilst they wait between courses, we have lots of fun with magic and the setting is very light-hearted whilst still creating wonderment, my magic and my persona is suitable for all ages. If you are in a group with children, each will be given a magic wand to help me and a free magic trick to go home and practise with for their returning visits.

So, if you do want to see me, please come along to Water Lane. You can book and enquire on the following link.

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