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As a young boy I grew up in awe of the great Paul Daniels. Magic sets for Christmas, books from the library or charity shops, then an amazing new magic and joke shop local to me, grew my wonder into a passion.

Many years later with encouragement from friends and family, I realised I had something special, beyond that of someone who had ‘learnt a few tricks’.

All the practise and dedication are now paying off and I am able to fully share my love for magic and performance to a wide audience.

I have a great advantage that I am a naturally creative thinker which reflects in my magic and performance. I am constantly pushing the boundaries – magicians from all over the world seek consultation and ideas on effects which I create myself and sell within the magic community. I am a member of two local magic clubs and spend a lot of time sharing and developing ideas.

I am super proud to be a member of The Magic Circle in London, where I have also been invited to speak about my creative thinking and thoughts on magic to my fellow members.

Often being compared to TV magicians, the magic I perform looks like camera trickery, whilst my personality means everyone watching is wowed and has fun at the same time. I am very much into the ‘moment’ of magic, capturing that split-second of wonder and carrying it through to utter amazement which is talked about a long time after I am gone.

As a resident restaurant magician at Waterlane Bar & Restaurant in Bishops Strotford every Sunday 1pm-3pm, I am very experienced with performing to people of all ages.

I create moments of mystery with a vast array of objects at my disposal, even going so far as to borrow your items and making the magic happen in your hands.

In the magic community I am known as ‘The Wonka of Magic’. I love performing miracles with sweets and always give out candy and treats to my audience to enjoy when I am gone.

If you have a specific theme or interest, I am unique in that I can create magic effects especially for your event.

I have performed for intimate private parties for a small group up to large scale events catering for 1,000+ people.

Every event I am booked for is a new and exciting challenge, you can be sure of something very different if you hire me.

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