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Fooling BGT/TV Magician Jamie Raven

26 Oct, 2016

If you read my Facebook page and the ‘about me’ section on my site, you will already know that I not only perform magic but I also lecture to magic clubs around the country and even sell my magic creations to other magicians all over the world. On Saturday...

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So this is about Fifi and others like her. Fifi was special in a number of ways. Being a busy working magician I get to know an audience and I am able to read their characters quite well on approach. Being able to do that is important as an...

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Something for us all to aim for.

anniverssary magic
04 Oct, 2016

So if you read the recent post about helping someone to propose with magic, (if you didn’t, please do, its a great story), then here is in fact the complete opposite end of the spectrum. The enquiry for my services came after Pat and Paul had attended a wedding...

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